The 9 Best Cities to Hook Up in Around the World


Travelling around the world is about many things, but for a single man in his prime, travelling is mostly about meeting people. While you can meet people in literally every city, some cities are not always so great about having an abundance of single women, or at very least women who aren’t immune to your charms. However, when it comes to hooking up abroad, frequent travelers know that there are a few good places to go, namely these 9 cities.

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun Mexico - The 9 Best Cities to Hook Up in Around the World

Cancun is not a culturally pretty city, it is a crazy combination of native Mexican women and college-aged tourists from the United States and Canada. While you won’t find much Mexican culture, it is not only a fine spot to find a party, but to party with beautiful women. The sand, the warm surf, the hot sun, and the chilled tequila all make a potent combination for a good time.


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