15 Awesome & Mysterious Discoveries Found On Earth


There are hundreds of discoveries made worldwide all of the time on the earth. There are many including the famous historical site Stonehenge. People are discovering things every day and when I say that there are a lot of the, I mean there are a lot. Here are 15 of the most amazing discoveries that people have found.

1. Costa Rica’s Stone Spheres

Costa Rica’s Stone Spheres

The stone balls or stone spheres in Costa Rica are located in the Diquis Delta and on Isla del Cano. The stone balls are locally known as the Las Bolas which translates to the balls. They are believed to be made by the Diquis culture which is now extinct. The spheres’ diameter ranges from a few centimeters to over 2 meters. Some of them are made out of gabbro, limestone, or even sandstone. Scientists think they the spheres were made by hammering boulders with other rocks and then polishing them with sand.


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